Análisis de sensibilidad y estudio crítico del modelo de evaluación de la sostenibilidad de la Instrucción Española de Hormigón Estructural

  title={An{\'a}lisis de sensibilidad y estudio cr{\'i}tico del modelo de evaluaci{\'o}n de la sostenibilidad de la Instrucci{\'o}n Espa{\~n}ola de Hormig{\'o}n Estructural},
  author={Julius Mel and Diego G{\'o}mez and Pinazo De la Cruz and Alfredo del Ca{\~n}o},
This paper presents the results of the sensitivity analysis performed for the sustainability assessment model of the Span-ish Code on Structural Concrete, EHE-08. It also portrays the results of a life-cycle analysis (LCA) related to energy con-sumption and CO 2 emissions. Comparisons are made between those findings, for suggesting improvements to the model. The main conclusion is that some weights and value functions employed in the EHE-08 are not consistent with the LCA. The new versions of… CONTINUE READING

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