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Análisis de los factores predictores de la dependencia funcional en personas mayores

  title={An{\'a}lisis de los factores predictores de la dependencia funcional en personas mayores},
  author={J. J. G. Linares and R. Herrera and M. C. Fuentes and Francisca Lucas Aci{\'e}n},
  journal={International journal of psychology and psychological therapy},
Analysis of predicting factors which cause functional dependence among elderly people. This paper analyzes the relation which exists among various factors which can be considered to cause dependence (education level, physical exercise, consumption of alcohol and tobacco, life satisfaction, and income level) and the level of dependency demonstrated by different subjects during basic and instrumental activities of daily living. In this way, we can obser- ve that as education level, life… Expand
Prevalencia de la dependencia funcional en personas mayores
Title: Prevalence of functional dependence among elderly people. Abstract: The most immediate consequence of aging is the dependent population growth. For this purpose, the aim of this study is toExpand
In our country, there are not many researches which analyze in a general way, the mental disorders prevailing within the older people. So, the purpose of this research was focused in the analysis ofExpand
Variables relacionadas con la conducta violenta en la escuela según los estudiantes
Variables related to violent behavior in the school according to the students. Many variables are involved in children's aggressive and violent behavior: the family, personal aspects, school-relatedExpand
Estereotipos sobre la vejez y su relación con la formación en gerontología: un estudio intergeneracional.
The aim of this paper is to determine the level of agreement with a series of stereotypes present in our society. These stereotypes are related to sexuality, personality, and cognitive aspects in oldExpand
[Cross sectional geriatric assessment of free living older subjects from Antofagasta, Chile].
The main problems detected in this sample were the risk of falls and the presence of chronic diseases. Expand
[Cross sectional geriatric assessment of free living older subjects from Antofagasta, Chile].
The main problems detected in this sample were the risk of falls and the presence of chronic diseases. Expand
Rendimiento académico y conductas antisociales y delictivas en alumnos de Educación Secundaria Obligatoria
Academic Achievement and Antisocial Behavior in Public Secondary Education Students. The objective of this study was to analyze the relationship between violence and academic achievement, two of theExpand
227 Gomez-Piriz, P.T.; Puga González, E.; Jurado Gilabert, R.M. y Pérez Duque, P. (2014). Calidad de vida percibida y esfuerzos específicos en personas mayores / Perceived quality of life and theExpand
Rendimiento físico de adultos mayores residentes en zonas rurales a nivel del mar y a gran altitud en Perú
Resumen Introduccion El vivir en grandes alturas genera que los pobladores se adapten biologica y socialmente al ambiente. El objetivo fue determinar la diferencia del rendimiento fisico (RF) enExpand
Salud percibida y salud real: prevalencia en las personas mayores de 60 años
Resumen Objetivo: Analizar el estado de salud de la poblacion mayor de 60 a˜nos y la relacion que existeentre la autopercepcion de la salud que tienen las personas mayores y su salud real; seExpand


Análisis y satisfacción del Servicio de Ayuda a Domicilio en la provincia de Almería (España)
Title: Analysis and satisfaction of the home help service in Almeria prov- ince (Spain). Abstract: The increase of the dependency to make Activities of the Daily Living requires political and socialExpand
Hábitos y creencias de salud en médicos y estudiantes de medicina
Health habits, and health beliefs among physicians and medical students . Data available on health habits and health beliefs in Spanish medical population is scarce. The objective of this study wasExpand
Creencias en salud en preadolescentes con diabetes tipo 1
Health Beliefs in Type 1 Diabetes Teenagers. The study of health beliefs shows that it is during the adolescent period that takes place the formation of these important repertoires that willExpand
Executive dysfunction and disability in elderly patients with major depression.
Among the cognitive impairments, IP-only contributed significantly to IADL impairment, whereas attention, construction, conceptualization, and memory did not, and depression was associated with IadL impairment mainly in patients with impaired IP. Expand
Relationships between perceptions of health chronic diseases and disabilities.
Overall results show that perception of health was generally positive as reflected in the high percentage of the total population reporting itself to be in good health, which was notably higher than that for the prevalence of disabilities and chronic diseases. Expand
Las personas mayores en España: informe 2004 : datos estadísticos estatales y por comunidades autónomas + CD-ROM
Analisis de la situacion de las personas mayores con datos estadisticos estatales y por comunidades autonomas. Indicadores demograficos, economicos, sociales, de salud y de servicios sociales.Expand
The longitudinal effect of depression on functional limitations and disability in older adults: an eight-wave prospective community-based study
The finding of a longitudinal relationship between depression and functional outcomes in older adults with a compromised health status provides a rationale for treatment of chronic physical diseases as well as depression in depressed chronically ill elderly, in order to prevent a spiralling decline in psychological and physical health. Expand
A harmonized measure of activities of daily living was a reliable and valid instrument for comparing disability in older people across countries.
The harmonized four-item ADL measure seems a reliable and valid instrument for comparing ADL disability in older people across countries. Expand
Socio-demographic differences in the onset and progression of disability in early old age: a longitudinal study.
Investigating socio-demographic differences in the onset and progression of disability in a cohort of people aged 55-69 in 1988-9 and in 1994 found disability can be dynamic, although deterioration is more usual than improvement. Expand
Disability trends among elderly persons and implications for the future.
  • T. Waidmann, K. Liu
  • Medicine
  • The journals of gerontology. Series B, Psychological sciences and social sciences
  • 2000
The decline in disability prevalence in recent years appears real and whether it continues has enormous implications for the size of the disabled population in the future and for the ability of the society to care for its disabled elderly members. Expand