• Geography
  • Published 2012

Análisis de la abundancia relativa y distribución de cetáceos en el canal Bolivar (Isabela), Galápagos

  title={An{\'a}lisis de la abundancia relativa y distribuci{\'o}n de cet{\'a}ceos en el canal Bolivar (Isabela), Gal{\'a}pagos},
  author={Daniela E. Alarc{\'o}n},
From May to November 2011, the relative abundance and distribution of cetacean species in the Bolivar Channer and western Isabela Island were systematically analyzed to establish a baseline for the presence of cetaceans in western Galapagos,. A total of ten species were recorded during the study period: , we listed ten species; achieving a high biodiversity rate in Galapagos. The most common species of the suborder Mysticeti was Balaenoptera edeni (n =330; 1.1 ind/h), followed by Megaptera… CONTINUE READING