Análise química e perfil farmacológico do Erythroxylum argentinum

  title={An{\'a}lise qu{\'i}mica e perfil farmacol{\'o}gico do Erythroxylum argentinum},
  author={Reinaldo Naoto Takahashi and Jo{\~a}o Β. Calixto and In{\'e}s M. Costa and Thereza C.M. De Lima and Gina Struffaldi Morato and Mauro Nicolau and Giles Alexander Rae and R Mereles-del Valle and Rosendo Augusto Yunes},
Chemical and pharmacological studies were carried out using crude hydroalcholic extracts obtained from the leaves or roots of E. argentinum or the semipurified fractions of this plant. Chemical analysis detected the presence of alkaloids, phytosteroids, leucoanthocianidins, flavonoid glycosides, cumarins and tannins. Qualitatively similar pharmacological effects were observed in experiments using both extracts from the leaves or roots. Experiments in vivo revealed that the crude extract and the… CONTINUE READING