Análise faunêstica de moscas-das-frutas (diptera, tephritidae) em pomares de pessegueiro em Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul

  title={An{\'a}lise faun{\^e}stica de moscas-das-frutas (diptera, tephritidae) em pomares de pessegueiro em Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul},
  author={Fl{\'a}vio Roberto Mello Garcia and Elio Corseuil},
  journal={Revista Brasileira De Zoologia},
In order to characterizc the peach trees ecosystem in Porto Alegre related to tephrilidea species, a faunal study was developed over the data of the collects of these insects with traps in tvvelve months. For the characterization of the communities, constancy, abundance and frequency index were determined. Relation between sex were obtained by correlation matrix, sexual proportion and sexual rates. Anastrepha fratercalus (Wiedemann, 1830) was abundant, constant and frequent, Ceratitis capitata… Expand
Moscas-das-frutas em pomares de pessegueiro e maracujazeiro, no Município de Iraceminha, Santa Catarina, Brasil
Anastrepha grandis and AnASTrepha fraterculus species were the most abundant, frequent, constant and dominant in orchards studied, predominating upon other fruit flies species. Expand
ECOLOGY, BEHAVIOR AND BIONOMICS Análise Faunística de Moscas-das-Frutas (Diptera: Tephritidae) nas Regiões Norte e Noroeste do Estado do Rio de Janeiro
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ECOLOGY, BEHAVIOR AND BIONOMICS Análise Faunística de Espécies de Moscas-das-Frutas (Diptera: Tephritidae) na Região Oeste de Santa Catarina 1
To characterize the faunistic fruit flies populations of each county, the abundance index, constancy, dominance and frequency of fruit flies population were analyzed and Anastrepha fraterculus (Wied.) was the predominant species in the four counties. Expand
Análise faunística de gafanhotos (Orthoptera, Acridoidea) em fragmento florestal próximo ao Rio Uruguai, município de Chapecó, Santa Catarina
The grasshopper community was described through the analysis of the fauna in the Lajeado Monte Alegre region, on the bank of the Uruguay River, in the town of Chapeco, Santa Catarina, Brazil, with the use of ground traps, buttnets, insect umbrellas and collections from leaves. Expand
Faunistic analysis of the species of Anastrepha Schiner (Diptera: Tephritidae) in three municipalities of the state of Roraima, Brazil.
The purpose of this work was to describe the population patterns of Anastrepha in three municipalities of the state of Roraima, Brazil, via faunistic analysis, finding that in Pacaraima the cumulative curves reached stability, confirming that the observed and expected species richness were the same. Expand
Flutuação populacional de adultos de Anastrepha fraterculus (Wied.) em cultivo protegido e convencional de videira
Evaluated the plastic cover effect on seasonal fluctuation of A. fraterculus adults in vineyards of cv. Expand
Monitoramento de Anastrepha fraterculus (Wied. 1830) (Diptera: Tephritidae) : flutuação populacional, avaliação de atrativos e caracterização ovariana
The South American fruit fly, Anastrepha fraterculus (Wiedmann, 1830) (Diptera, Tephritidae), is the major pest of fruit trees in Southern Brazil. This work aimed to characterize the populations ofExpand
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Frugivorous flies (Tephritoidea) are the main pests in temperate-zone fruit crop in Brazil and the incidence of their parasitoids in fruit trees from 2007/08 and 2008/9 crops in Pelotas and Capao do Leao is evaluated. Expand
Biodiversidade de moscas-das-frutas (Diptera, Tephritidae) em Moçambique
A large number of fruit fly species, especially the family Tephritidae, their host plants and parasitoids are studied, and the distribution and habits of these animals are studied in detail. Expand
Potential global distribution of the south American cucurbit fruit fly Anastrepha grandis (Diptera: Tephritidae)
Global locations sustaining similar conditions may be invaded by the fly, including areas where the pest is considered a quarantine pest such as, for instance, the south of the United States. Expand


Dinâmica populacional das moscas-das-frutas do gênero Anastrepha no Recôncavo Baiano. I- Levantamento das espécies.
This is the first paper of a serie carried out to study the population dynamics of Anastrepha (Dip., Tephritidae) species in five counties of the Reconcavo Baiano, State of Bahia, Brazil. TheExpand
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