Análise econômica determinística de sistemas de produção de novilhos de dois anos

  title={An{\'a}lise econ{\^o}mica determin{\'i}stica de sistemas de produç{\~a}o de novilhos de dois anos},
  author={Mozer Manetti de {\'A}vila and Paulo Santana Pacheco and Leonir Luiz Pascoal},
The objective of this study was to realize the economic deterministic analysis of steers production system in full cycle, finished in feedlot or cultivated pasture at twenty-four months old, utilizing or not the quality bonus from slaughterhouses. The study was realized using data from meta-analytic survey of studies in the central region of Rio Grande do Sul state, Brazil, in Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets. The systems were simulated considering the male and female calves weaned early, at the… CONTINUE READING

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