Análise Urbana de Territórios Construídos: Os Aterros na Baixa e na Frente Ribeirinha de Lisboa, Portugal

  title={An{\'a}lise Urbana de Territ{\'o}rios Constru{\'i}dos: Os Aterros na Baixa e na Frente Ribeirinha de Lisboa, Portugal},
  author={Vitor Carlos Marques Dur{\~a}o},
The territory, in which Lisbon grew up and later became a city, was in Antiquity quite different from its present form, mostly because it was partly flooded ... 

Risk to cultural heritage in Baixa Pombalina (Lisbon Downtown) - a transdisciplinary approach to exposure and drivers of vulnerability

ABSTRACT This paper seeks to understand the relationship between risk and cultural heritage as a strategy to raise awareness of the vulnerabilities of populations and their cultural heritage. It

Material Culture from the Al Hallaniyah Island Early 16th‐Century Portuguese Indiaman Wreck‐site

The ceramic and other domestic material assemblage is a study of the objects used by sailors on board in their daily lives and gives indications of supplies, cargoes, and plunder acquired during the voyage.

Lisbon in the sixteenth century: decoding the Chafariz d’el Rei

An anonymous sixteenth-century painting of the King’s Fountain in the Lisbon Alfama, Chafariz d’el Rei, recently the subject of speculation over its provenance and date, has also been of interest