Amyloidogenic metal-binding proteins: new investigative pathways.

  title={Amyloidogenic metal-binding proteins: new investigative pathways.},
  author={Paul Davies and Sarah N. Fontaine and Dima Moualla and Xiaoyan Wang and Josephine A. Wright and David R Brown},
  journal={Biochemical Society transactions},
  volume={36 Pt 6},
Neurodegenerative diseases remain perplexing and problematic for modern research. Those associated with amyloidogenic proteins have often been lumped together simply because those proteins aggregate. However, research has identified a more logical reason to group some of these diseases together. The associated proteins not only aggregate, but also bind copper. The APP (amyloid precursor protein) binds copper in an N-terminal region. Binding of copper has been suggested to influence generation… CONTINUE READING
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