Amylase isoenzymes in mumps

  title={Amylase isoenzymes in mumps},
  author={J. {\vS}krha and J. Stepan and E. Sixtov{\'a}},
  journal={European Journal of Pediatrics},
The amylase isoenzymes activities in serum and urine from 75 children treated for complications of mumps were evaluated. The clinical observations, especially in cases with suspected pancreatitis, were compared with the P- and S-type amylase activities. Increased total activity of serum amylase in 79% of patients was due to increased S-type amylase. However, in 39% of patients there was also a markedly increased P-type serum amylase. Amylase isoenzymes may offer new insights into the… Expand
Acute pancreatitis from mumps re-infection in adulthood. A case report.
It is believed that this is the first reported case of acute pancreatitis caused by mumps re-infection in an adult, and such re- Infection should be considered a possible though rare cause of acute Pancreatitis in adulthood. Expand
Is asymptomatic pancreatic hyperenzymemia the same condition in adults and in children?
  • R. Pezzilli
  • Medicine
  • Scandinavian journal of gastroenterology
  • 2009
TO THE EDITOR: I have read with interest the letter by Diamanti et al. [1] regarding their experience with 9 children having pancreatic hyperenzymemia and I thank these researchers for their interestExpand


Diagnosis and follow-up of parotitic pancreatitis by means of the determination of serum alpha-amylase activity.
It is desirable to put all patients with mumps on a suitable diet, to follow them up for a long period, including the convalescent phase, and to check their alpha-amylas activities from time to time. Expand
Serum amylase and serum lipase in mumps.
Excerpt The recent valuable reports of Zelman1and Applebaum2on serum amylase in mumps appeared while we were engaged in carrying on studies of mumps and its complications. We became particularly in...
Measurement of amylase isoenzymes in human sera and urine using a DEAE-cellulose mini-column method.
  • J. Stepan, J. Škrha
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Clinica chimica acta; international journal of clinical chemistry
  • 1979
A DEAE-cellulose mini-column method has been developed which allows for the separation and quantitation in human sera and urine of pancreatic and salivary type isoamylases. Determination of theExpand
A new and rapid method for the clinical determination of alpha-amylase activities in human serum and urine. Optimal conditions.
A new type of α-amylase starch substrate rendered insoluble by cross-linking and coloured by a dye marker, was shown to be hydrolyzed by α-Amylase from Hyland standard serum, Versatol-E and Enzatrol, and it was possible, with considerable accuracy, to determine α- amylase over more than a thousandfold range of enzyme concentration. Expand
The renal clearance of amylase in renal insufficiency, acute pancreatitis, and macroamylasemia.
Abstract The renal handling of amylase was studied in patients with renal insufficiency, acute pancreatitis, and macroamylasemia by measuring the rate of amylase clearance (CAm) relative to the rat...
The parotid and the pancreas.
Although the mechanisms are unclear, alterations in parotid secretion may be of value in the diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis, in the evaluation of its severity, and may yield information on the duration of the disease. Expand
Simultaneous study of the metabolic turnover and renal excretion of salivary amylase- 125 I and pancreatic amylase- 131 I in the baboon.
Although iodinated and uniodinated amylase had similar gel filtration, electrophoretic, enzymatic, glycogen precipitation characteristics, the labeled enzyme was cleared less rapidly by the kidney than was the unlabeled material, and thus can serve as a tracer in metabolic turnover studies. Expand
Nieren-Clearance der Isoamylasen beim Menschen
Die angefuhrten Feststellungen kann man in der klinischen Diagnostik fur die genauere Beurteilung der Glomerularmembran-Permeabilitat oder in the Genetik fur ein exaktes Studium der einzelnen Isoamylasen-Aktivitaten ausnutzen. Expand
Critical evaluation of a new ultramicro system for routine clinical chemistry procedures.
A critical appraisal is presented of 11 clinical chemical methods presently available with the Beckman/Spinco Ultramicro Analytical System, with the exception of that for serum bicarbonate estimation, offering acceptable standards of accuracy for clinical work. Expand
Amylase heterogeneity in parotitis ( in Czech . )
  • VnitL 16 k .
  • 1968