Amplifying the impact of open access: Wikipedia and the diffusion of science

  title={Amplifying the impact of open access: Wikipedia and the diffusion of science},
  author={Misha Teplitskiy and Grace Lu and Eamon Duede},
  journal={Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology},
With the rise of Wikipedia as a first‐stop source for scientific information, it is important to understand whether Wikipedia draws upon the research that scientists value most. Here we identify the 250 most heavily used journals in each of 26 research fields (4,721 journals, 19.4M articles) indexed by the Scopus database, and test whether topic, academic status, and accessibility make articles from these journals more or less likely to be referenced on Wikipedia. We find that a journal's… 
A Map of Science in Wikipedia
It is found that most journal articles cited from Wikipedia belong to STEM fields, in particular biology and medicine, and Wikipedia’s biographies play an important role in connecting STEM fields with the humanities, especially history.
Methodological issues in measuring citations in Wikipedia: a case study in Library and Information Science
The coverage of Library and Information Science literature published between 2001 and 2010 in Wikipedia is explored, paying special attention to the methodological issues involved in counting Wikipedia citations, revealing severe limitations in the use of Wikipedia citations for research evaluation.
Are wikipedia citations important evidence of the impact of scholarly articles and books?
The results show that citations from Wikipedia to articles are too rare for most research evaluation purposes, with only 5% of articles being cited in all fields, and so Wikipedia is not recommended for evaluations affecting stakeholder interests.
Quantifying Engagement with Citations on Wikipedia
This work built client-side instrumentation for logging all interactions with links leading from English Wikipedia articles to cited references during one month, and conducted the first analysis of readers’ interactions with citations, finding that overall engagement with citations is low and that references are consulted more commonly when Wikipedia itself does not contain the information sought by the user.
Exploring open access coverage of Wikipedia-cited research across the White Rose Universities
communication of science to a global audience. Using data obtained from and Unpaywall, we looked at research from the White Rose Universities (Sheffield, Leeds and York) that is cited
Science through Wikipedia: A novel representation of open knowledge through co-citation networks
An overview of science from the Wikipedia perspective is provided, finding a significative presence of “Medicine” and “Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology” papers and that the most important journals are multidisciplinary in nature, suggesting also that high-impact factor journals were more likely to be cited.
Open Access Books in the Humanities and Social Sciences: an Open Access Altmetric Advantage
Although sampling issues prevent the strong conclusion that OA facilitates extra attention at whole book level, the apparent OA altmetrics advantage suggests that the move towards OA is increasing social sharing and broader impact.
An altmetric attention advantage for open access books in the humanities and social sciences
The apparent OA altmetrics advantage suggests that the move towards OA is increasing social sharing and broader impact, and disciplinary differences in altmetric activity are evident within the Humanities and Social Sciences.
Psychology and Wikipedia: Measuring Psychology Journals’ Impact by Wikipedia Citations
The aim of the study was to explore the impact of peer-reviewed psychology journals on Wikipedia articles. We are presenting a rank of academic journals classified as pertaining to psychology, most


The distorted mirror of Wikipedia: a quantitative analysis of Wikipedia coverage of academics
This study examined 400 biographical Wikipedia articles on academics from four scientific fields to test if being featured in the world’s largest online encyclopedia is correlated with higher academic notability (assessed through citation counts).
Open access and openly accessible: a study of scientific publications shared via the internet
  • J. Wren
  • Medicine
    BMJ : British Medical Journal
  • 2005
Decentralised sharing of scientific reprints through the internet creates a degree of de facto open access that, though highly incomplete in its coverage, is none the less biased towards publications of higher popular demand.
Open access versus subscription journals: a comparison of scientific impact
Comparisons with subscription journals indicate that OA journals indexed in Web of Science and/or Scopus are approaching the same scientific impact and quality as subscription journals, particularly in biomedicine and for journals funded by article processing charges.
The citation advantage of open-access articles
There appears to be a clear citation advantage for those articles that are OA as opposed to those that are TA, but this advantage varies between disciplines, with sociology having the highest citation advantage but the lowest number of OA articles from the sample taken and ecologyHaving the highest individual citation count for OAarticles but the smallest citation advantage.
Open Access and Global Participation in Science
It is demonstrated that a journal receives a modest increase in citations when it comes online freely, but the jump is larger when it first comes online through commercial sources, suggesting that free Internet access widens the circle of those who read and make use of scientists' investigations.
Improving Wikipedia's credibility: References and citations in a sample of history articles
This study evaluates how well the authors of Wikipedia history articles adhere to the site's policy of assuring verifiability through citations. It does so by examining the references and citations
An analysis of Wikipedia references across PLOS publications
Wikipedia offers researchers dynamic content creation and management tools that can enable closer collaboration during the research process and has all led to an increasing interest from academics to contribute scholarly research on Wikipedia.
Open access, readership, citations: a randomized controlled trial of scientific journal publishing
  • Philip M. Davis
  • Medicine
    FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology
  • 2011
A randomized controlled trial of open access publishing, involving 36 participating journals in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities, reports on the effects of free access on article downloads and citations.
Scientific citations in Wikipedia
Results show an increasing use of structured citation markup and good agreement with citation patterns seen in the scientific literature though with a slight tendency to cite articles in high-impact journals such as Nature and Science, which increases confidence in Wikipedia as a reliable information resource for science in general.
Exploring the use of social media to measure journal article impact.
The data suggest that social media may represent a largely untapped post-publication review resource for assessing paper impact, and that Wikipedia pages referencing the most journal articles are about disorders and diseases, while the most referenced articles in Wikipedia are about genomics.