Amplify-forward and decode-forward: the impact of location and capacity contour

  title={Amplify-forward and decode-forward: the impact of location and capacity contour},
  author={Meng Dai Yu and Jincheng Li and Hamid Sadjadpour},
  journal={MILCOM 2005 - 2005 IEEE Military Communications Conference},
  pages={1609-1615 Vol. 3}
Successful message relay, or the quality of the inter-user channel, is critical to fully realize the cooperative benefits promised by the theory. This in turn points out the importance of the relative location of the users. This paper investigates the impact of the location on the system capacity and outage probability for both amplify-forward (AF) and decode-forward (DF) schemes. Signal attenuation is modeled using power laws and capacity is evaluated using the max-flow min-cut theory. The… CONTINUE READING

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