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Amplified graph C*-algebras

  title={Amplified graph C*-algebras},
  author={S. Eilers and Efren Ruiz and Adam P. W. S{\o}rensen},
  • S. Eilers, Efren Ruiz, Adam P. W. Sørensen
  • Published 2011
  • Mathematics
  • We provide a complete invariant for graph C*-algebras which are amplified in the sense that whenever there is an edge between two vertices, there are infinitely many. The invariant used is the standard primitive ideal space adorned with a map into {-1,0,1,2,...}, and we prove that the classification result is strong in the sense that isomorphisms at the level of the invariant always lift. We extend the classification result to cover more graphs, and give a range result for the invariant (in the… CONTINUE READING

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