Amplification of the electrostriction mechanism of photoacoustic conversion in layered media

  title={Amplification of the electrostriction mechanism of photoacoustic conversion in layered media},
  author={Grigory A Knyazev and Daria O. Ignatyeva and I. M. Sopko and Vladimir I. Belotelov and Oleg G. Romanov},
  journal={Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics},
In this work we have performed an analysis of an electrostriction mechanism of optical-to-acoustical energy conversion on the interface of two materials with low optical absorption. We compared this method of conversion with the widely used thermal conversion based on thin metal film. It was shown that the contribution of the electrostriction mechanism is significantly lower in the case of the homogeneous medium. We demonstrated the possibility to amplify the generated acoustic signal by… 
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