Amplification of the c-myc oncogene in human stomach cancers.

  title={Amplification of the c-myc oncogene in human stomach cancers.},
  author={F Nakasato and Hiroshi Sakamoto and Masaki Mori and Ken’ichiro Hayashi and Yukio Shimosato and Miyuki Nishi and Sonshin Takao and Katsunori Nakatani and Masaaki Terada and Takashi Sugimura},
  volume={75 9},
Amplified c-myc oncogene was found in the DNAs of 2 of 11 human stomach cancers transplanted into nude mice; the amplification was 8- to 10-fold in one tumor and 13- to 15-fold in the other. Both tumors in which the c-myc oncogene was amplified were poorly differentiated adenocarcinomas, but there was no clear-cut correlation between the histological types or growth rates of the tumors and amplification of the c-myc oncogene. No amplification of the c-myc gene was detected in DNAs from 4… CONTINUE READING
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