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Amplification of the antitumor activity of phleomycins and bleomycins in rats and mice by caffeine.

  title={Amplification of the antitumor activity of phleomycins and bleomycins in rats and mice by caffeine.},
  author={T. E. Allen and N. A. Aliano and R. Cowan and G. Grigg and N. K. Hart and J. Lamberton and A. Lane},
  journal={Cancer research},
  volume={45 6},
  • T. E. Allen, N. A. Aliano, +4 authors A. Lane
  • Published 1985
  • Medicine
  • Cancer research
  • While having no antitumor effect per se, caffeine substantially enhanced the antitumor effects of the phleomycins PLM-CHP and PLM-PEP, and the bleomycins BLM-CHP and Blenoxane in rats carrying Walker 256 carcinosarcoma and/or mice carrying Ehrlich ascites tumor, even at doses of phleomycin and bleomycin below the minimum effective level. Positive but less conclusive results were also obtained with PLM-A4A4G and PLM-G. 
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