Amplification of graded potentials in horizontal cells of the retina

  title={Amplification of graded potentials in horizontal cells of the retina},
  author={Alexei L. Byzov and Yu. A. Trifonov and L. M. Chailahian and K. W. Golubtzov},
  journal={Vision Research},
A simplified model of the membrane of L-type horizontal cells is proposed. The equivalent circuit consists of the subsynaptic membrane, the resistance of which is low in darkness and high in the light, and of the voltage-dependent nonsynaptic membrane. The model reproduces many known properties of horizontal cells, such as inversion of the light response with depolarization above zero level of membrane potential, the effect of mutual amplification of colour signals, the peculiarities of steady… CONTINUE READING

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Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological sciences • 2011

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