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Amplification of Vacuum Fluctuations in String Cosmology Backgrounds

  title={Amplification of Vacuum Fluctuations in String Cosmology Backgrounds},
  author={M. Gasperini},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Physics - Theory},
  • M. Gasperini
  • Published 21 June 1995
  • Physics
  • arXiv: High Energy Physics - Theory
Inflationary string cosmology backgrounds can amplify perturbations in a more efficient way than conventional inflationary backgrounds, because the perturbation amplitude may grow - instead of being constant - outside the horizon. If not gauged away, the growing mode can limit the range of validity of a linearized description of perturbations. Even in the restricted linear range, however, this enhanced amplification may lead to phenomenological consequences unexpected in the context of the… 

Status of String Cosmology: Phenomenological Aspects * Status of String Cosmology: Phenomenological Aspects

I report recent studies on the evolution of perturbations in the context of the \pre-big-bang" scenario typical of string cosmology, with emphasis on the formation of a stochastic background of relic

Status of String Cosmology: Phenomenological Aspects

Inspired by the basic ideas of string theory, we have recently started the investigation of a cosmological scenario in which the standard big-bang singularity is smoothed out and is replaced by a

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The main ideas/assumptions underlying (the authors' own group's approach to) string cosmology are outlined and how these lead to the definition of a two-parameter family of ``minimal" models are shown.

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Primordial gravitational waves are amplified during eras when their wavelengths are pushed outside the cosmological horizon. This occurs in both inflationary and ``pre-big-bang'' or ``bounce''

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Second-generation detectors in LIGO will take us from the discovery phase of gravitational-wave observations to the phase of true gravitational-wave astrophysics, with hundreds or thousands of



Electromagnetic origin of the CMB anisotropy in string cosmology.

Working within a generic two-parameter family of backgrounds, a large scale anisotropy $\Delta T/T\simeq 10^{-5}$ is found to correspond to a spectral index in the range of 1.11 - 1.17$.

Metric perturbations in dilaton-driven inflation.

The spectrum of scalar and tensor metric perturbations generated during an epoch of dilaton-driven inflation of the type occurring naturally in string cosmology exhibits nearly Planckian spectra, whose common “temperature” is related to some very basic parameters of the string-cosmology background.


We discuss the temporal variation of the equation of state of a classical string network, evolving in a background in which the Hubble radius H − 1 shrinks to a minimum and then re-expands to

The status of the VIRGO experiment

Cosmical magnetic fields

Magnetic Field Generation in Electrically-Conducting Fluids.By H. K. Moffatt. Pp. 343. (Cambridge University Press: Cambridge and London, 1978.) £15.50.

in 300 Years of Gravitation

The invention relates to a novel filtering circuit whereby a phase detected output control signal is filtered and utilized to provide greater stability in a phase-locked loop. The filtering circuit

Primordial magnetic fields in string cosmology.

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