Ampliação do conhecimento sobre a distribuição geográfica de espécies de Briófitas no Brasil.

  title={Ampliaç{\~a}o do conhecimento sobre a distribuiç{\~a}o geogr{\'a}fica de esp{\'e}cies de Bri{\'o}fitas no Brasil.},
  author={Olga Yano and Juçara Bordin},
Enlargement of the knowledge of geographical distribution for species of Bryophytes in Brazil. About 1.524 species of bryophytes are known in Brazil, distributed throughout the national territory. Floristic studies always reveal new occurrences, increasing the geographic distribution of several species. The aim of this work is to increase the knowledge of the geographical distribution of fifteen species of bryophytes for the states of Amazonas, Goias, Rio de Janeiro and Rio Grande do Sul… CONTINUE READING


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