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Ample groupoids: equivalence, homology, and Matui's HK conjecture

  title={Ample groupoids: equivalence, homology, and Matui's HK conjecture},
  author={Carla Farsi and Alex Kumjian and David Pask and Aidan Sims},
  journal={arXiv: Operator Algebras},
We investigate the homology of ample Hausdorff groupoids. We establish that a number of notions of equivalence of groupoids appearing in the literature coincide for ample Hausdorff groupoids, and deduce that they all preserve groupoid homology. We compute the homology of a Deaconu{Renault groupoid associated to k pairwisecommuting local homeomorphisms of a zero-dimensional space, and show that Matui's HK conjecture holds for such a groupoid when k is one or two. We specialise to k-graph… 

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We prove that Matui's AH conjecture holds for graph groupoids of infinite graphs. This is a conjecture which relates the topological full group of an ample groupoid with the homology of the groupoid.

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  • Inhyeop Yi
  • Mathematics, Physics
    Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society
  • 2019
We show that Matui’s HK conjecture holds for groupoids of unstable equivalence relations and their corresponding $C^{\ast }$ -algebras on one-dimensional solenoids.

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We give an example of a locally compact effective Hausdorff, minimal ample groupoid such that its rational homology differs from the $K$-theory of its reduced groupoid $C^*$-algebra. Moreover, we

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