• Chemistry
  • Published 2010

Amphoteric terpolymers for use in the personal care composition

  title={Amphoteric terpolymers for use in the personal care composition},
  author={ガメス−ガルシア,マニュエル and チョウ,シエン−チー},
At least ethylenically unsaturated cationic monomers, monomers containing carboxylic acid or sulfonic acid groups, and diallylamine or novel amphoteric terpolymers containing derivatives are claimed. Furthermore, these terpolymers, optionally, a silicone, an aliphatic amine, conditioning agents such as fatty amine oxides and aliphatic quaternary material, and / or in the presence of various beneficial agents, personal care or personal it may be used as cleaning compositions. These terpolymer… CONTINUE READING