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Amphipoda Crustacea IV. Families Aristiidae, Cyphocarididae, Endevouridae, Lysianassidae, Scopelocheiridae, Uristidae

  title={Amphipoda Crustacea IV. Families Aristiidae, Cyphocarididae, Endevouridae, Lysianassidae, Scopelocheiridae, Uristidae},
  author={James K. Lowry and Helen Stoddart},
A review of the scopelocheirid amphipods (Crustacea, Amphipoda, Lysianassoidea), with the description of new taxa from Australian waters
The scopelocheirines are a small family of scavenging lysianassoid amphipods and the deep-sea paracallisomines are not often collected and consequently their morphological diversity is not well understood. Expand
First records of non-hyperiid planktonic amphipods (Amphilochidea and Senticaudata) from deep waters of southwestern Gulf of Mexico, with an identification key
Within the planktonic Amphipoda, the non-hyperiid species have been scarcely studied in the southern Gulf of Mexico. Zooplankton samples were obtained over a grid of 25 oceanographic stations in theExpand
A New Record of the Genus Orchomenella (Crustacea, Amphipoda, Tryphosidae) from Korean Waters
The species Orchomenella littoralis Nagata, 1965 belong to the family Tryphosidae Lowry & Stoddart, 1997. Previously this species was only known from a single record identified in Japanese waters,Expand
A new species of Boca Lowry & Stoddart, 1997 (Amphipoda: Lysianassoidea: Aristiidae) from a mesophotic coral ecosystem off Puerto Rico, Caribbean Sea.
A new species of the genus Boca is described from a mesophotic coral ecosystem off southwestern Puerto Rico, in the Caribbean Sea, and is the fifth species of Boca from world's oceans and the first record of the species from Puerto Rico. Expand
New tryphosine amphipods from Australian waters (Crustacea, Amphipoda, Lysianassoidea, Lysianassidae, Tryphosinae).
Seven tryphosine genera (two new) from Australian waters for the first time and 13 new species are reported, including Paralysianopsis elliotti and P. jebbi, previously known from Papua New Guinea are also reported from eastern Australia. Expand
Additions to and revisions of the amphipod (Crustacea: Amphipoda) fauna of South Africa, with a list of currently known species from the region
Three species of marine Amphipoda, Peramphithoe africana, Varohios serratus and Ceradocus isimangaliso, are described as new to science and an additional 13 species are recorded from South Africa forExpand
Two new Pseudorchomene species from the Southern Ocean, with phylogenetic remarks on the genus and related species (Crustacea: Amphipoda: Lysianassoidea: Lysianassidae: Tryphosinae)
Two new lysianassoid amphipods of the genus Pseudorchomene Schellenberg, 1926 from the Southern Ocean are described and molecular data indicate the existence of a welldefined clade comprising P. debroyeri and P. lophorachis. Expand
New species of lysianassoid Amphipoda (Crustacea) associated with seamounts, marine canyons and cold seeps of New Zealand
A high proportion of new species indicates that the marine amphipod fauna of New Zealand is still quite poorly known, and six of these species are new to science. Expand
Updated checklist and identification of areas of endemism of benthic amphipods (Caprellidea and Gammaridea) from offshore habitats in the SW Gulf of Mexico
An updated checklist of the benthic amphipods associated with soft bottoms in the SW Gulf of Mexico has been made and the areas of endemism have been identified. Amphipods were collected in a depthExpand
A New Species of the Genus Scopelocheirus (Crustacea: Amphipoda: Gammaridea) from Onagawa Bay, Northeastern Japan
A new species of scopelocheirid amphipod was found during an ecological study of the marine scavenging amphipods in Onagawa Bay, Northeastern Japan and is closely similar to S. hopei and S. Aroui, but clearly distinguished from them by lateral cephalic lobe, maxilla 2, pereopod 6, epimeron 2 and uropods 1-3. Expand