Amphiphilic gels as a potential carrier for topical drug delivery.

  title={Amphiphilic gels as a potential carrier for topical drug delivery.},
  author={V. V. Maruthi Prasad and N Pratheesh Kumar and Prabhat Ranjan Mishra},
  journal={Drug delivery},
  volume={14 2},
This study involves development of amphiphilic gels consisting solely of nonionic surfactants bearing cyclosporine and characterized for microstructure, gelation temperature, and in vitro drug release into dermis. The formulation is nonirritant and suitable for topical application. Gels consisting of cyclosporine were prepared using different methods by mixing the solid gelator (sorbitan or glyceryl fatty acid esters) and the liquid phase (liquid sorbitan esters or polysorbates) and heating… CONTINUE READING