Amphetamine-induced disruption of latent inhibition is not reinforcer-mediated.


Latent inhibition (LI) refers to retarded conditioning to a stimulus that had been repeatedly preexposed without consequences, as compared with a nonpreexposed stimulus. Amphetamine disrupts LI, and this effect was suggested to result from enhanced switching to respond according to the stimulus-reinforcer contingency. Recently, it has been argued that… (More)


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@article{Weiner1997AmphetamineinducedDO, title={Amphetamine-induced disruption of latent inhibition is not reinforcer-mediated.}, author={Ian Weiner and Ricardo Tarrasch and Elisa Bernasconi and L. M. Broersen and Thomas Ruettimann and Joram Feldon}, journal={Pharmacology, biochemistry, and behavior}, year={1997}, volume={56 4}, pages={817-26} }