Amperozide--effect on prolactin release in the rat.

  title={Amperozide--effect on prolactin release in the rat.},
  author={Agneta Albinsson and Elias Eriksson and Goran Andersson},
  journal={Pharmacology & toxicology},
  volume={66 Suppl 1},
Amperozide, a new putatively antipsychotic drug was investigated for its effect on prolactin release in the rat. A significant decrease in the plasma concentration of prolactin was found at 30 minutes after treatment with amperozide. However, there was no effect of amperozide on prolactin release from isolated pituitary cells. These results suggest that there is no direct effect of amperozide on the pituitary lactotrophs and that the attenuation of prolactin secretion in vivo is mediated at a… CONTINUE READING

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