Amoeba-Cache: Adaptive Blocks for Eliminating Waste in the Memory Hierarchy

  title={Amoeba-Cache: Adaptive Blocks for Eliminating Waste in the Memory Hierarchy},
  author={Snehasish Kumar and Hongzhou Zhao and Arrvindh Shriraman and Eric Matthews and Sandhya Dwarkadas and Lesley Shannon},
  journal={2012 45th Annual IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Microarchitecture},
The fixed geometries of current cache designs do not adapt to the working set requirements of modern applications, causing significant inefficiency. The short block lifetimes and moderate spatial locality exhibited by many applications result in only a few words in the block being touched prior to eviction. Unused words occupy between 17 -- 80% of a 64K L1 cache and between 1% -- 79% of a 1MB private LLC. This effectively shrinks the cache size, increases miss rate, and wastes on-chip bandwidth… CONTINUE READING
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