[Amniopatch to treat iatrogenic rupture of the fetal membranes].


OBJECTIVE With the increased use of invasive fetal procedures, the number of patients facing postprocedure membrane rupture is increasing. We aimed to describe the use of platelets and fresh frozen plasma for sealing iatrogenic fetal membrane defects. PATIENTS AND METHODS We describe the mechanisms of action of the amniopatch procedure as well as published experience. RESULTS Amniopatch effectively sealed the fetal membranes in over two thirds of published cases (n=44). There is a risk of 17% of in utero fetal death, which may occur remotely from the procedure and is often unexplained. DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION In case of early onset but persistent amniotic fluid leakage following an invasive fetal procedure, amniopatch may be offered.

DOI: 10.1016/j.gyobfe.2011.04.010

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@article{Deprest2011AmniopatchTT, title={[Amniopatch to treat iatrogenic rupture of the fetal membranes].}, author={Jan Deprest and Tim Van Mieghem and M P Emonds and Jos{\'e} {\'A}ngel Richter and Philippe de Koninck and Sadique Zia and Joachim Van Keirsbilck and Inga Sandaite and Leon Olde Damink and Liesbeth E Lewi}, journal={Gynécologie, obstétrique & fertilité}, year={2011}, volume={39 6}, pages={378-82} }