Ammonium and nitrate uptake and nitrate reductase activity of photoautotrophic callus cultures of the fernPlatycerium coronarium (Koenig) DESV

  title={Ammonium and nitrate uptake and nitrate reductase activity of photoautotrophic callus cultures of the fernPlatycerium coronarium (Koenig) DESV},
  author={Siew-Hwa Kwa and Yeow Chin Wee and Prakash P. Kumar},
  journal={In Vitro Cellular \& Developmental Biology - Plant},
SummaryThe uptake of nitrate and ammonium by callus ofPlatycerium coronarium from the culture medium was examined. Nitrate reductase activity of photoautotrophic callus cultures under CO2 enrichment was significantly lower compared to the cultures without CO2 enrichment, but higher than that of heterotrophic callus cultured on medium with 2% (wt/vol) sucrose. When sucrose concentration of the heterotrophic culture was lowered to 0.2%, nitrate reductase activity increased. The level of nitrate… Expand

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