Ammonia fermentation, a novel anoxic metabolism of nitrate by fungi.

  title={Ammonia fermentation, a novel anoxic metabolism of nitrate by fungi.},
  author={Zhemin Zhou and Naoki Takaya and Akira Nakamura and Masashi Yamaguchi and Kanji Takeo and Hirofumi Shoun},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={277 3},
The induction of fungal denitrification by Fusarium oxysporum requires a minimal amount of O(2), although excess O(2) completely represses this process (Zhou, Z., Takaya, N., Sakairi, M. A. C., and Shoun, H. (2001) Arch. Microbiol. 175, 19-25). Here we describe another metabolic mechanism of nitrate in fungal cells, termed ammonia fermentation, that supports growth under conditions more anoxic than those of denitrification. The novel nitrate metabolism of eukaryotes consists of the reduction of… CONTINUE READING

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