Aminopeptidase and caseinolytic activites ofMycoplasma salivarium

  title={Aminopeptidase and caseinolytic activites ofMycoplasma salivarium},
  author={Tsuguo Watanabe and Kenji Shibata and Masayoshi Totsuka},
  journal={Medical Microbiology and Immunology},
Aminopeptidase activity was demonstrated inMycoplasma salivarium (ATCC 23064) cells disrupted by sonic vibrations and lyophilized (crude enzymes), and weak endopeptidase or carboxypeptidase activity was also suggested. The crude enzymes were suspended in 0.1 M borate buffer, pH 8.0, containing 0.5% (w/v) sodium deoxycholate, and then the suspensions were centrifuged at 100,000g for 2 h. Thus separated, the supernatants were applied to a column of Sephacryl S-300. As a result, aminopeptidase… CONTINUE READING
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