Amino acid transport systems in growing mouse oocytes.

  title={Amino acid transport systems in growing mouse oocytes.},
  author={Rosella Cardigno Colonna and Sandra Cecconi and R Buccione and Feliciana Mangia},
  journal={Cell biology international reports},
  volume={7 12},
Amino acid transport systems have been studied in isolated mouse oocytes throughout oogenesis. While these cells were lacking the A-transport system of Ehrlich cell (Christensen, 1975), they were found to be provided with the L- and ASC-systems of Ehrlich cell (Christensen, 1975). Since, in contrast to the A-system, the L- and ASC-systems mainly work by exchanging internal and external amino acids, we propose that their main function is to actively maintain the appropriate internal balance… CONTINUE READING

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