Amino acid sequence of human tumor derived angiogenin.

  title={Amino acid sequence of human tumor derived angiogenin.},
  author={Dani{\"e}l J. Strydom and James W. Fett and Roy R. Lobb and E. M. Alderman and J. L. Bethune and J. F. Riordan and Bert L. Vallee},
  volume={24 20},
The amino acid sequence and disulfide bond pairing of human tumor derived angiogenin, the first tumor angiogenesis factor to be isolated in pure form from human sources, have been determined by conventional sequencing techniques adapted and applied to nanomole and subnanomole levels of material. Angiogenin, obtained from conditioned media of a human colonic adenocarcinoma cell line, is a single-chain protein consisting of 123 amino acids with the following sequences: less than Glu1-Asp-Asn-Ser… CONTINUE READING


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