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Amino acid composition and solubility of proteins isolated from sunflower meal produced in Bulgaria.

  title={Amino acid composition and solubility of proteins isolated from sunflower meal produced in Bulgaria.},
  author={Petya Ivanova and Vesela I. Chalova and Lidia Koleva and Ivan Pishtiyski},
  journal={international food research journal},
Two protein isolates (PI1 and PI2) were prepared from sunflower meal produced in Bulgaria. They were obtained by using isoelectric or ethanol precipitation following the extraction of the proteins with 10% NaCl. Their amino acid composition and water solubility as a function of pH and presence of NaCl were investigated. Lysine was established as the first limiting amino acid in the protein isolates with amino acid scores of 35.81% (PI1) and 43.09% (PI2). Both protein isolates contained… 

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