Aminergic cellular organization in the gills of Aplysia species.

  title={Aminergic cellular organization in the gills of Aplysia species.},
  author={Masahiko Kurokawa and Kiyoaki Kuwasawa and Minoru Otokawa and Chifumi Yamada and Hideshi Kobayashi},
  journal={Journal of neurobiology},
  volume={20 8},
The constituent elements of the gills of Aplysia kurodai and A. juliana were examined for the presence of biogenic amines using histochemical, immunocytochemical, and HPLC techniques. Aminergic elements were revealed by glyoxylic acid-induced fluorescence in the branchial nerve, branchial ganglion, branchial vessels, and pinnules in both species. Three types of fluorescent cells were found in the neural plexus of the gill in each species. Two of them might be sensory neurons. Although HPLC… CONTINUE READING