Amine-Oxide Hybrid Materials for CO2 Capture from Ambient Air.

  title={Amine-Oxide Hybrid Materials for CO2 Capture from Ambient Air.},
  author={Stephanie A Didas and Sunho Choi and Watcharop Chaikittisilp and Christopher W. Jones},
  journal={Accounts of chemical research},
  volume={48 10},
Oxide supports functionalized with amine moieties have been used for decades as catalysts and chromatographic media. Owing to the recognized impact of atmospheric CO2 on global climate change, the study of the use of amine-oxide hybrid materials as CO2 sorbents has exploded in the past decade. While the majority of the work has concerned separation of CO2 from dilute mixtures such as flue gas from coal-fired power plants, it has been recognized by us and others that such supported amine… CONTINUE READING