Amiloride hydro­chloride methanol disolvate

  title={Amiloride hydro­chloride methanol disolvate},
  author={Cuong Quoc Ton and Michael Bolte},
  booktitle={Acta crystallographica. Section E, Structure reports online},
IN THE CRYSTAL OF THE TITLE COMPOUND [SYSTEMATIC NAME: 2-(3,5-diamino-6-chloro-pyrazin-2-ylcarbon-yl)guanidinium chloride methanol disolvate], C(6)H(9)ClN(7)O(+)·Cl(-)·2CH(3)OH , the components are connected by N-H⋯N, N-H⋯Cl, N-H⋯O, O-H⋯Cl and O-H⋯O hydrogen bonds into a three-dimensional network. The dihedral angle between the aromatic ring and the guanidine residue is 6.0 (2)°.