Amiloride-blockable sodium currents in isolated taste receptor cells

  title={Amiloride-blockable sodium currents in isolated taste receptor cells},
  author={Patrick Avenet and Bernd Lindemann},
  journal={The Journal of Membrane Biology},
Isolated taste receptor cells from the frog tongue were investigated under whole-cell patch-clamp conditions. With the cytosolic potential head at −80 mV, more than 50% of the cells had a stationary inward Na current of 10 to 700 pA in Ringer's solution. This current was in some cells partially, in others completely, blockable by low concentrations of amiloride. With 110mm Na in the external and 10mm Na in the internal solution, the inhibition constant of amiloride was (at −80 mV) near 0.3 μm… CONTINUE READING