Amidine-oximes: reactivators for organophosphate exposure.

  title={Amidine-oximes: reactivators for organophosphate exposure.},
  author={Jarosław Kalisiak and Erik C. Ralph and Jun Yu Zhang and John Richard Cashman},
  journal={Journal of medicinal chemistry},
  volume={54 9},
A new class of amidine-oxime reactivators of organophosphate (OP)-inhibited cholinesterases (ChE) were designed, synthesized, and tested. These compounds represent a novel group of oximes with enhanced capabilities of crossing the blood-brain barrier. Lack of brain penetration is a major limitation for currently used oximes as antidotes of OP poisoning. The concept described herein relies on a combination of an amidine residue and oxime functionality whereby the amidine increases the binding… CONTINUE READING


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Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry • 2006

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