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American missionaries and the Middle East : foundational encounters

  title={American missionaries and the Middle East : foundational encounters},
  author={M. Doğan and Heather J. Sharkey},
During the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, American missionary encounters in the Middle East set foundations for later U.S.-Middle Eastern relations. Missionaries presented examples of American culture to Middle Eastern peoples, just as they interpreted the Middle East for Americans back home. These engagements prompt larger questions about the consequences of American Christian cultural projection into the wider world. This volume focuses on regions that were once part of the Ottoman… Expand
The Mission of the American Board in Syria
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Mediated Imaginations: Chinese-Arab Connections in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries
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Syrian Protestant Marriages in Early to mid-Nineteenth Century Bilād al-Shām: 'Aliens at Home' or rooted in Syrian Tradition
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Christians, Muslims and the State in Twentieth-Century Egypt and Indonesia
  • B. Stanley
  • Political Science
  • Studies in Church History
  • 2015
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From immigrants to emigrants: Salesian education and the failed integration of Italians in Egypt, 1937-1960
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Remapping the Holy Land from the margins: how a Jordanian Evangelical church juggles the ‘local’ and the ‘global’ in the Syrian refugee response
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The U.S. Coptic Diaspora and the Limit of Polarization
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