American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons 91st Annual Convention Podium and Poster abstracts

  title={American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons 91st Annual Convention Podium and Poster abstracts},
  author={P. Lechner and P. Lind and G. Binter and R. Golub and B. Kerner and W. E. Wise and D. M. Meesig and R. Hartmann and K. Khanduja and J. Sayre and P. S. Aguilar and J. Guillem and K. Forde and M. Treat and A. Neugut and K. O'toole and B. Diamond and J. Kewenter and H. Brevinge and E. Haglind and B. Limberg and C. N. Elles and W. Boggs and G. H. Slagle and P. A. Cole and D. J. Coyle and L. E. Smith and B. Orkin and T. Saclarides and W. Sheridan and R. Lowndes and H. L. Young and W. D. Wong and D. Rothenberger and D. Bartolo and S. Wexner and G. Ger and J. Jorge and E. Lee and J. Nogueras and D. Jagelman and K. McKenna and W. A. Koltun and B. Bute and W. Lichliter and T. Le and A. Timmcke and J. B. Gathright and D. Mascagni and K. Hojo and Y. Moriya and K. Sugihara and G. Di and G. C. Zenni and K. Abraham and P. Dobrin and F. Harford and K. Suzuki and L. Gunderson and R. Devine and R. Dozois and F. Cavaliere and J. Pemberton and V. Fazio and M. Cosimelli and R. Beart and D. Giannarelli and M. Moran and A. Ramos and S. Goldberg and D. Antonenko and S. Heymen and A. Gulledge and S. Jakate and J. Heine and J. G. Williams. and E. H. VanBergen and W. Buie and N. Davies and J. Yates and S. Jenkins and B. Taylor and B. Bapat and H. Stern and T. Berk and J. Parker and P. Ray and R. McLeod and Z. Cohen and J. K. Rowe and R. Zera and R. Madoff and M. Bubrick and J. Roberts and G. Johnston and D. A. Fenney and R. Farouk and G. S. Duthie and J. McCue and R. Phillips and M. Viamonte and J. Cole and L. Gottesman and M. Solomon and K. Kern and L. Jensen and A. Lowry and A. Vernava and W. Longo and G. Daniel and E. Ehrenpreis and J. Stone and B. Cosman and V. Wolfe and M. Nino-Murcia and I. Perkash and P. Marcello and P. Roberts and D. Schoetz and J. Murray and J. Coller and M. Veidenheimer and M. Keighley and S. Grobler and K. Hosie and S. Schmitt and K. James and F. Lucas and D. Peck and A. Ferrara and R. Grotz and R. E. Perry and R. Hanson and W. Lewis and P. Holdsworth and P. Sagar and D. Johnston and T. G. Perry and S. Strong and I. Lavery and J. Oakley and J. Church and J. Milsom and J. Fozard and H. Nelson and S. Schneebaum and M. Arnold and D. Young and G. LaValle and L. Petty and A. Berens and C. Mojizisik and E. W. Martin and K. Hase and C. Shatney and M. Trollope and D. Johnson and M. Vierra and A. Deutsch and H. Tulchinsky and I. Nudelman and H. Gutman and R. Reiss and A. Araujo and R. Bleday and J. Jessurun and L. Rosen and P. Sipe and R. Riether and J. Stasik and J. Sheets and I. Khubchandani and W. Reiter and G. Friedberg and G. Morey and E. Goldstein and P. Williamson and S. Larach and A. Senagore and M. Luchtefeld and J. M. MacKeigen and W. Mazier and T. Wengert and M. Ott and H. R. Bailey and P. Hartendorp and T. Dailey and O. B. Johansen and N. Daniel and M. Korst and H. Kuijpers and J. P. Pena and C. E. Christenson and E. Balcos and C. Mitchell and J. Macfie and U. Hildebrandt and K. Ecker and J. Kraus and T. Schmid and G. Feifel and J. Tjandra and S. Scoggin and R. Frazee and W. Ambroze and C. Nezhat and E. Pennington and F. Nezhat and V. Stolfi and A. Thorson and P. Falk and R. Fitzgibbons and P. Luukkonen and H. J{\"a}rvinen and E. James and P. Paty and W. Enker and A. Cohen and G. Lauwers and R. Saad and E. Birnbaum and W. Devos and R. Fry and I. Kodner and J. Fleshman and R. Cali and R. Pitsch and G. Blatchford and M. Christensen and T. Schroeder and K. Easley and C. N. Ellis and J. D. Cheape and T. Hull and V. Salanga and J. Kokoszka and Georgia Andrianopoulos and R. Nelson and H. Abcarian and D. Kumar and M. Benson and J. E. Martin and M. Swash and D. Wingate and N. Williams and H. Emsellem and J. Dent and M. A. Tissaw and A. Shafik and M. Abel and Y. S. Y. Chiu and T. Russell and P. Volpe and G. Casillas and W. E. Mashas and D. Eastman and R. Grace and J. Anderson and K. Hacker and J. Heryer and W. Conner and R. Rubin and T. Eisenstat and E. Salvati and G. Oliver and E. Duberman and C. Simmang and M. Corman and S. Galandiuk and G. Weiner and D. Kahn and E. Mitchell and H. Abdel-Nabi and G. E. Block and E. Mannella and M. Tedesco and M. Anz{\'a} and D. Civalleri and P. Tora and L. Capussotti and G. Morandi and C. Tirelli and P. P. Pian and E. Cortesi and E. Ruggeri and S. Fitzgerald and F. Davis and P. Bowen and E. Sutter and Walter Kikendall and E. McGannon and P. Brantley and C. Czyrko and C. Falardeau and Don Trepashko and J. Skosey and F. Michelassi and R. Staniunas and P. Vignati and D. Beck and R. Karulf and R. Roettger and J. Braidt and K. Ruoff and F. Ackroyd and P. Shellito and H. Goh and L. W. Lin and E. Edwards and J. Farmer and C. A. Walters and N. Hyman and J. Hebert and I. M. Richman and E. Staren and S. Sessions and R. Scoma and B. Clements and R. Smink and K. Arai and A. Sugita and Y. Yamazaki and H. Harada and T. Fukushima and D. Armstrong and G. Ballantyne and L. Sill{\'i}n and R. Davie and L. K. Harding and N. Birch and T. Yamanouchi and I. Bayer and B. Mitmaker and P. gordon and E. Wang and H. Kynaston and P. S. Edelstein and S. M. Thompson and R. J. Davies and K. Farmer and S. Oliver and A. Spigelman and P. Bennett and T. O'Kelly and A. Brading and N. Mortensen and P. Paul and P. Huth and S. Hull-Boiner and M. Pezim and H. Johnson and K. Gillespie and P. Willard and D. Owen and P. Ramsey and S. Leu and H. Hsu and A. Al-Humadi and E. Eisman and J. Tries and N. Gupta and M. Frick and B. Boman and D. Franceschi and M. Eckhauser and T. Pritchard and J. Konsten and C. Baeten and M. Havenith and P. Soeters and P. Lau and T. Lorentz and J. Wong and The Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery Study Group},
  journal={Diseases of the Colon & Rectum},
s appear in the order of presentation. Their number corresponds to the title listed in the scientific program. Colonoscopy , Surve i l l ance Anti-CEA Immunoscintigraphy with a 99mTC-Fab' Fragment (Immu-4) in Primary and Recurrent Colorectal Cancer--A Prospective Study (1) P. Lechner, P. Lind, G. Binter . . . . . . . . . . Graz, Austria 37 pts. with suspected primary (PCRC) or recurrent (RCRC) colorectal cancer had radioimmunoscintigraphy (RIS) with 1 mg (i.c. 925 m Bq) of Immu-4 (Immunomedics… Expand
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