American Social “Reminders” of Citizenship after September 11, 2001: Nativisms and the Retractability of American Identity

  title={American Social “Reminders” of Citizenship after September 11, 2001: Nativisms and the Retractability of American Identity},
  author={Jack Fong},
  journal={Qualitative Sociology Review},
  • J. Fong
  • Published 10 January 2022
  • Sociology
  • Qualitative Sociology Review
My discussion considers how crisis dramatically changes social relationships and interaction patterns within a multicultural context. Specifically, I note the inherent social asymmetry of multicultural configurations, thus rendering it vulnerable for the dominant ethnic/racial group, the ethnocracy, to exact symbolically and materialistically punitive measures against minorities during periods of national crisis. I situate my discussion of dramatically changed social interactions in the post… 

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