American Girl and the Brand Gestalt: Closing the Loop on Sociocultural Branding Research

  title={American Girl and the Brand Gestalt: Closing the Loop on Sociocultural Branding Research},
  author={Nina Diamond and John F. Sherry and Albert M. Mu{\~n}iz and Mary Ann Mcgrath and Robert V. Kozinets and Stefania Borghini},
  journal={Journal of Marketing},
  pages={118 - 134}
This article describes an investigation of the American Girl brand that provides a more complete and holistic understanding of sociocultural branding. Recent research on emotional branding, together with prior work on brands’ symbolic nature and their role as relationship partners, represents a significant shift in the way marketers think about brands and brand management. However, a full understanding of powerful and emotionally resonant brands has been elusive, in part because sociocultural… 

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