American Digital History

  title={American Digital History},
  author={Orville Vernon Burton},
  journal={Social Science Computer Review},
  pages={206 - 220}
  • O. V. Burton
  • Published 1 May 2005
  • Sociology
  • Social Science Computer Review
U.S. History and Computing have had a long history of partnership in teaching and research. There currently is a deep divide among historians on the direction this partnership will take in the future. Will the partnership revolutionize theways in which history is taught and researched or will it simply offer additional tools to improve traditional practices? In either case, future success depends on history scholars taking an active role in the partnership. With active and involved historians… Expand
Developing digital historians in Italy
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The Historical Community and the Digital Future
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Teaching Students How to Research the Past: Historians and Librarians in the Digital Age
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The Future of History: It's all about the Web
THE FUTURE OF HISTORY: IT’S ALL ABOUT THE WEB Jessica Pritchard, M.A. George Mason University, 2010 Thesis Director: Dr. Doug Eyman This thesis explores the rhetoric of online history exhibits andExpand
Archival Divides and Foreign Countries? Historians, Archivists, Information-Seeking, and Technology: Retrospect and Prospect
Abstract Rumors of the deterioration of the historian-archivist relationship have been exaggerated. This article first traces the evolving historian-archivist bond over the last eight decades.Expand
Historians' use of digital archival collections: The web, historical scholarship, and archival research
The findings from this study indicate that digital archival collections are important source materials for historical studies for various reasons, however, the amount of authority digital materials possess as historical resources was disputed. Expand
Interacting with digitised historical newspapers: understanding the use of digital surrogates as primary sources
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‘The Dynamics of the Disc:’ Ultimate (Frisbee), Community, & Memory, 1968-2011
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Sharing Authority: An Introduction
A commitment to sharing authority is a beginning, not a destination—and the beginning of a necessarily complex, demanding process of social and self discovery. There are no easy answers or formulasExpand
Margins, Mainstreams and the Mission of Digital Humanities
I must confess that I am sometimes of two minds about digital humanities. The scholarly and public benefits of humanists using computational and information technologies are obvious. But so, too, isExpand


An Overview: The Differences Slavery Made: A Close Analysis of Two American Communities
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Historians, Supercomputing, and the U.S. Manuscript Census
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The Road to Xanadu: Public and Private Pathways on the History Web
On August 24, 1965, Theodor Nelson presented a paper to the Association for Computing Machinery national conference in which he introduced the word "hypertext" to refer to "a body of written orExpand
Using the Computer and Manuscript Census Returns to Teach American Social History.
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Developing Computer Assisted Instructional (CAI) Materials in the American History Surveys
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Scarcity or Abundance? Preserving the Past in a Digital Era
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Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong
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