American Business, Public Policy, Case-Studies, and Political Theory

  title={American Business, Public Policy, Case-Studies, and Political Theory},
  author={Theodore J. Lowi},
  journal={World Politics},
  pages={677 - 715}
  • T. Lowi
  • Published 1 July 1964
  • Political Science
  • World Politics
Case-Studies of the policy-making process constitute one of the more important methods of political science analysis. Beginning with Schattschneider, Herring, and others in the 1930's, case-studies have been conducted on a great variety of decisions. They have varied in subject-matter and format, in scope and rigor, but they form a distinguishable body of literature which continues to grow year by year. The most recent addition, a book-length study by Raymond Bauer and his associates, stands… 

The Power of Business in America: A Re-appraisal

  • D. Vogel
  • Political Science
    British Journal of Political Science
  • 1983
Over the past fifteen years, there has been a steady stream of books and articles on business-government relations describing the ‘privileged position’ occupied by the business corporation in the

Politics, Policy, and Political Science: Theoretical Alternatives

In the last decade a body of literature has appeared in an effort to explore the linkage between environmental circumstances such as socioeconomic conditions, political structure and process, and

Issue area and foreign policy analysis

  • W. Potter
  • Political Science
    International Organization
  • 1980
The past decade has witnessed the investment of considerable energy and ingenuity in the refinement of the categories of foreign policy determinants proposed in James Rosenau's famous essay,

An Agenda Paper

Political business cycle models of economic policymaking have been welcomed by both political scientists and economists. They improve on economic approaches by explicitly modeling a political

Parties and Economic Policy in the USA

The ability of parties to carry out campaign pledges is a central theme of democratic theory. While many scholars have viewed US parties as weak and ineffective, recent studies have suggested that

The Political Economy of Tax Reform in Venezuela

In the last decade the Latin American political science literature has focused increasingly on the analysis of public policy. To date, however, this literature has failed to provide satisfactory

Types of Democratic Systems and Types of Public Policy: An Empirical Examination

With the success of the "behavioral revolution" in political science have come a number of positive changes in the study of comparative politics.1 We have long abandoned the strict constitutionalism

Review Article: Policy Analysis

  • H. Heclo
  • Political Science
    British Journal of Political Science
  • 1972
The analysis of public policy is one of the most rapidly expanding and least well-mapped areas of political science. The renewed fashionability of the subject is attested to by the founding in 1970

The Political Role and Influence of Business Organizations: A Communication Perspective

Relationships between economic power and political influence have long been of interest to scholars in several disciplines. Despite an extensive literature and rich theorizing on the topic, however,

Public affairs, issues management and political strategy: methodological approaches that count

This essay reviews the primary methods that have been used to study corporate public affairs, issues management, and corporate political activity (PA/IM/CPA). We identify three tractable areas of



A Critique of the Ruling Elite Model

  • R. Dahl
  • Philosophy
    American Political Science Review
  • 1958
A great many people seem to believe that “they” run things: the old families, the bankers, the City Hall machine, or the party boss behind the scene. This kind of view evidently has a powerful and

Reputation and Reality in the Study of "Community Power"

The currently popular research design of ranking a community's leaders according to their reputations for power is found to be seriously deficient as a technique for the study of a local political

The Power Elite-Reconsidered

  • D. Bell
  • Political Science
    American Journal of Sociology
  • 1958
The Power Elite has had a wide emotional appeal because of its rhetoric and its tough-minded "unmasking" of naïve, Populist illusions about democratic checks on power. But a detailed, textual

Community power and political theory

One that the authors will refer to break the boredom in reading is choosing community power and political theory as the reading material.

The Roosevelt I Knew

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Social security in the United States