American Asteraceae-feeding Astrotischeria species with a highly modified, three-lobed valva in the male genitalia (Lepidoptera, Tischeriidae).

  title={American Asteraceae-feeding Astrotischeria species with a highly modified, three-lobed valva in the male genitalia (Lepidoptera, Tischeriidae).},
  author={Jonas R. Stonis and Arūnas Di{\vs}kus and Fernando da Silva Carvalho Filho and Owen T. Lewis},
  volume={4469 1},
We review eleven Astrotischeria Puplesis Diškus (Lepidoptera: Tischeriidae) species which possess a novel character for the Tischeriidae family: a highly modified valva of the male genitalia with one ventral and two dorsal lobes (or processes). The species are distributed in the Americas, including the USA, Caribbean (St. Thomas), Central America (Belize, Guatemala and Honduras), and South America (Ecuador, Bolivia, and Brazil). Species for which the biology has been studied are associated with… Expand
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Exceptional diversity of Tischeriidae (Lepidoptera) from a single tropical forest site in Belize, Central Africa
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