American Association for the Advancement of Science

  title={American Association for the Advancement of Science},
  author={Detlev Wulf Bronk and Edward Uhler Condon and Warren Weaver},
THE session of this Association opened at Dubuque, Iowa, on August 21. At the end of last year's meeting it was expected that the Association would meet this year at San Francisco, which place it was hoped Prof. Agassiz would have reached in the Hassler by the time of the opening, and added an unusual brilliancy to the proceedings by an account of some of his discoveries in the Southern seas. The great naturalist, however, as we know, has not yet reached the Californian coast; and partly on… 
American Association for the Advancement of Science
The objective of this meeting was to establish a system for estimating the thickness of sill intrusions in the stratigraphy of Yellowstone National Park by using a computer model.
Why Are There So Many of Us
There is wide disagreement about the prospects for future growth of the human population and whether, as well as under what circumstances and when, it will stop growing.
Letter from the Director Letter from the Editor
It is with great pleasure that I write this foreword to the 2007 Harvard College Program for Research in Science and Engineering (PRISE) Abstract Book, a project conceived, organized, and composed by
Rebellion and Repression in China, 1966–1971
  • A. Walder
  • Political Science
    Social Science History
  • 2014
In the first five years after the onset of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, one of the largest political upheavals of the twentieth century paralyzed a highly centralized party state, leading to a
Humanistic Psychology and Peace
Peace is surely more than just the absence of war. It is a state of the community and of the world in which healthy human development can take place. Humanistic psychology has something vital to say
A Risky Business: Professional and public scientific communication after the L'Aquila verdicts
  • A. Chong
  • Political Science
    IEEE International Professonal Communication 2013 Conference
  • 2013
In this scenario, the concept of providing the right advice for an uninformed public ignorant of the data underlying the situation needs give way to a more participatory model for risk communication, one that is audience aware and necessarily acknowledges the probabilistic, rather than deterministic, nature of the predictive sciences.
The science literacy crisis, philosophical issues, and the origin sciences
The present essay reviews the various symptoms of the so-called science literacy (education) crisis; speculates on the unique role that the philosophical underpinnings of the “cosmic” (Weisskopf, 1994) or origin sciences may play in these problems; and offers some suggestions as to how academic research scientists interested in these areas might more readily and effectively involve themselves in efforts to improve science education at all levels of the educational system.
Serendipity in research and the threat of technology
In contrast to public perceptions of research as a rigorous, structured and planned process, much research is, in Thomas Kuhn’s terms, messy and accidental. From an analysis of case studies of how
Assessment in the Context of Mathematics Instruction Reform: The Design of Assessment in the QUASAR Project.
Recent high-level political interest in the improvement of mathematics education in the United States has led to the increased prominence of reports by the National Academy of Sciences (National
The World Conservation Strategy As A Dystopian Vision
  • J. Livingston
  • Environmental Science
    UnderCurrents: Journal of Critical Environmental Studies
  • 1989
The World Conservation Strategy (WCS) was published in 1980 by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN), the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP), the


$65. Oxford Series on Advanced Manufacturing The Metallic Bond and the Structure of Metals. V
  • $65. Oxford Series on Advanced Manufacturing The Metallic Bond and the Structure of Metals. V
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