American Assassins: An Alternative Typology

  title={American Assassins: An Alternative Typology},
  author={James W. Clarke},
  journal={British Journal of Political Science},
  pages={81 - 104}
  • J. Clarke
  • Published 1 January 1981
  • Psychology
  • British Journal of Political Science
Probably no group of political actors is more misunderstood than American assassins. My purpose in this preliminary report is to identify the sources of this misunderstanding and to suggest an alternative interpretation based on a reconsideration of the evidence. 

A Prolegomenon to a General Theory of Assassination

Although much has been written about particular assassinations, there is currently no well-defined “General Theory of Assassination”. One of the impediments for the development of such a theory is

Overprotected Politicians

  • B. Frey
  • Political Science, Economics
  • 2007
This paper argues that politicians are overprotected. The costs of political assassination differ systematically depending on whether a private or a public point of view is taken. A politician

Sic Semper Tyrannis? Power, Repression, and Assassination Since the Second World War

The killing of a head of state is among the most severe and consequential forms of political violence. But to date, there have been no systematic studies of the incidence of such assassinations, with

Suggested Guidelines for Periodization

(1) For the most part, don't do it. The presumption should be against trying to do it. That is for at least three reasons. First, there is the familiar hazard that attaches to any chunking of time,

The Path to Terrorist Violence: A Threat Assessment Model for Radical Groups at Risk of Escalation to Acts of Terrorism

  • D. Olson
  • Psychology, Political Science
  • 2005
Abstract : A threat assessment model to identify domestic radical groups on a trajectory towards terrorist violence remains an elusive goal. The lack of a model constrains proactive counter-terrorism

In Protection of the President: The Threats Against the President Act

OF THE THESIS “In Protection of the President: The Creation of the 1917 Threats Against the President Act” by Robinlynn Stewart American Public University System, Approval Date Here Charles Town,

Integrating research and practice in federal law enforcement: Secret Service applications of behavioral science expertise to protect the President

This paper discusses specific behavioral research needs by law enforcement and justice systems to guide forensic decision-making in areas of targeted violence. Continuing incidents of stalking,

Praktiken der Gewalt

Amoktaten oder Amoklaufe sind vollendete oder versuchte Massentotungen, deren Motiv sich nicht rational erschliest. Der auf den malaiischen Ursprung zuruckgefuhrte Begriff soll eine spontane und



Emotional Deprivation and Political Deviance: Some Observations on Governor Wallace's Would-Be Assassin, Arthur H. Bremer

I reached the point where I felt some kind of secret, abnormal, base gratification when I returned to my corner on some awful Petersburg night and felt intensely conscious that again that day I had

The Myth of Mental Illness


Certain personality traits and Psychopathologic characteristics are common to persons who undertake assassination of a president of the United States and it behooves the medical profession to understand the causes and to develop a cure for them.

Aggression: A Social Psychological Analysis

While aggression has been probed in its various aspects by every discipline worthy of its name, it remains, in the words of Churchill, &dquo;... a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigmal&dquo;

On being sane in insane places

Two matters seem to have some promise, one of which concerns the proliferation of community mental health facilities, and the need to increase the sensitivity of mental health workers and researchers to the Catch 22 position of psychiatric patients.

The Making of the President 1964

One that the authors will refer to break the boredom in reading is choosing making of the president 1964 the as the reading material.

Schizophrenia: The Sacred Symbol of Psychiatry

  • T. Szasz
  • Medicine, Psychology
    British Journal of Psychiatry
  • 1976
In the United States, Osier's maxim has been replaced by another which asserts that ‘mental illness is the authors' number one health problem‘, which would make schizophrenia—the most common and most disabling of the so-called mental diseases—the successor ofOsier's syphilis.

Reliability of psychiatric diagnosis. 2. A study of consistency of clinical judgments and ratings.

An investigation of the reliability of psychiatric diagnoses was designed to minimize factors that would artificially lower or inflate the rate of concordance and it was found that the diagnosticians may have been closer in their appraisals than indicated by the scoring of only the preferred diagnoses.