American, Australian, and other Western Jewish Communists and Soviet Anti-Semitism: Responses to the Slansky Trial and the Doctors plot 1952–1953

  title={American, Australian, and other Western Jewish Communists and Soviet Anti-Semitism: Responses to the Slansky Trial and the Doctors plot 1952–1953},
  author={Philip Mendes},
  journal={American Communist History},
  pages={151 - 168}
The international exposure in 1952 and 1953 of the explicit anti-Semitism associated with the Prague trial of Rudolf Slansky and 13 others (the bulk, Czech Jewish Communists), as well as the Soviet Union’s persecution of the predominantly Jewish physicians (Stalin referred to a ‘‘Doctors Plot’’) posed a huge challenge for many Communists of Jewish origin. It would seem from the existing literature that most held fast to their faith in the Soviet Union and refused to accept the tlatent evidence… Expand
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