America, Britain, and Swaraj: Anglo-American Relations and Indian Independence, 1939–1945

  title={America, Britain, and Swaraj: Anglo-American Relations and Indian Independence, 1939–1945},
  author={Eric Rubin},
  journal={India Review},
  pages={40 - 80}
  • Eric Rubin
  • Published 23 February 2011
  • Political Science, History
  • India Review
In the years before and during the Second World War, the Roosevelt Administration played an important and often overlooked role in encouraging Britain's disengagement from the Indian subcontinent. Roosevelt's motivations in pressing for Indian independence were varied. They included a mix of principled opposition to colonialism, practical concern for the outcome of the war and pragmatic jockeying for influence with post-colonial nations when the war was won. Churchill's government was wary of… 
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