Amended Classification of the Open Abdomen.

  title={Amended Classification of the Open Abdomen.},
  author={Martin Bj{\"o}rck and Andrew W Kirkpatrick and Michael Lee Cheatham and Mark Johnston Kaplan and Ari Kalevi Lepp{\"a}niemi and Jan J De Waele},
  journal={Scandinavian journal of surgery : SJS : official organ for the Finnish Surgical Society and the Scandinavian Surgical Society},
  volume={105 1},
BACKGROUND In 2009, a classification system for the open abdomen was introduced. The aim of such a classification is to aid the (1) description of the patient's clinical course; (2) standardization of clinical guidelines for guiding open abdomen management; and (3) facilitation of comparisons between studies and heterogeneous patient populations, thus serving as an aid in clinical research. METHODS As part of the revision of the definitions and clinical guidelines performed by the World… CONTINUE READING



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