Ambulatory arterial stiffness indices and target organ damage in hypertension

  title={Ambulatory arterial stiffness indices and target organ damage in hypertension},
  author={Manuel {\'A}ngel G{\'o}mez-Marcos and Jose Ignacio Recio-Rodriguez and Mar{\'i}a Carmen Patino-Alonso and Leticia Gomez-Sanchez and Cristina Agudo-Conde and Marta G{\'o}mez-S{\'a}nchez and Emiliano Rodriguez-S{\'a}nchez and Luis Garc{\'i}a-Ortiz},
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BACKGROUND The present study was designed to evaluate which arterial stiffness parameter - AASI or the home arterial stiffness index (HASI) - correlates best with vascular, cardiac and renal damage in hypertensive individuals. METHODS A cross-sectional study was carried out involving 258 hypertensive patients. AASI and HASI were defined as the 1-regression slope of diastolic over systolic blood pressure readings obtained from 24-hour recordings and home blood pressure over 6 days. Renal… CONTINUE READING